A levels-based
method for progression
in fitness & business

...backed by 1.4 million data points and counting.

We help coaches worldwide deliver a first-class, personalized group fitness experience with the tools and The Method™ to get gym members fitter faster and make business owners more money.

Unlocking both
Fitness & Coaching Potential
One Level at a Time

Benefit from workouts calibrated with six years of crafting and over one million, real-world data points, ensuring workouts that move members forward.

...plus we scale them for you & provide coaching notes to
save you time.

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7 Levels of custom programming for
less than $50 per week

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Assess. Address. Progress.

If you're looking for more than the seven levels of workouts delivered each month, we also have the systems and accountability for coach and member progression to go along with it.

The Method™ Core

Our battle-tested systems and a MAP of fitness with hands-on support

Gym Mastery Suite

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Why trust us?

As your partners, we understand it's important to know more about who you're working with. We know what we stand for and celebrate transparency with all of our Legion Gyms around the world.

Our values
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Unwavering dedication to delivering excellence in every facet of our business and client interactions.

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Distilling fitness and business strategies into clear, actionable, and effective solutions.

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Fostering innovation and efficiency, ensuring we provide value-driven, cost-effective services to our clients.

Help First

Commitment to deeply understanding and exceeding our clients' needs through empathetic and dedicated service.

Continuous Improvement

Ongoing pursuit to enhance and refine our methods and services for the betterment of our clients and their communities.

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