The purpose behind the vision

Making coaching and gym ownership
a fulfilling, sustainable and
enjoyable career path.

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Our story (so far)


Nathan Holiday created the Level Method in 2016 after working with thousands of clients in his own gym. His original goal was to answer a simple question: Why do some change their lives with fitness, while others fail?

The big problem is that some people push themselves to burn out or injury — striving to do things before they're ready — and others aren't consistent or motivated long enough to see results.

When people don't have a clear path or goals, when they're confused or overwhelmed, when they're not recognized for their hard work, when they get injured or feel inadequate, or when they stop making progress, they tend to quit.

After many failures, over years, and a lot of work, the team was able to create a new MAP of fitness. With it, any coach or gym owner could point and say to a client this is where you are, and this is where we want to take you... safely, intelligently, systematically.

The team has found that when provided awards, feelings of significance, opportunities to grow and connect to the community, members were much more likely to stay with it, get better, and change their lives.

Along the way, the team has recognized gym owners have a lot in common with the members they hope to retain. It started with a karate-belt style assessment program for functional fitness, but now Level Method delivers a legion of gym owners a powerful suite of tools to power gyms around the world.

We are a team of business owners & rockstars (literally)

Our team embodies leadership through action, ensuring that our words always match our deeds. We are dedicated to doing things right, setting the standard for trust and reliability in all our interactions.

Nathan Holiday
Nathan Holiday
CEO & Co-founder
Sean Buck
Sean Buck
COO & Co-founder
Ty Jones
Ty Jones
Lead Software Developer
Alexandra Holiday
Gym Success Specialist
Team 05
Brian Caldwell
Legion Programming Manager
Team 06
Ben Olin
Sales Director
Team 07
Jen Shelby
Gym Success Specialist
Team 07
Mervin Montemayor
Executive Admin & Customer Support
The Team at ChalkIt Pro
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The keys to success

We have found the most profitable gyms we've helped over the last seven years have embodied four critical success factors - so we created a course about them.